Price Guide


All our cakes are bespoke and made to order, the price depends very much on your personal requirements. Below is a list of our pricing structure, however the level of detail on your cake will determine its actual cost.  Please contact us by email or via the form on our contacts page for further information.

Single Tier         


Two Tier (30 portions)

Two Tier (60 portions)

Three Tier (70 portions)

Three Tier (120 portions)

from £100.00


from £150.00

from £260.00


from £330.00

from £530.00


Four Tier (130 portions) 

Four Tier (180 portions)


Five Tier (280 portions)


Hand crafted figures

(per couple)

from £550.00

from £760.00


from £975.00


from £50.00



Single tier simply iced cake

Two tier simply iced cakes 

Three tier simple iced cakes 

Single Tier Novelty Cake

3D Sculpted Cake 

Car (realistic)

Handbag Cakes

Single number cake

Double number cake



from £65.00

from £140.00

from £200.00

from £120.00

from £180.00

from £250.00

from £125.00

from £85.00

from £140.00 



(min 12)



Buttercream piped rose swirl

Buttercream swirl with flower

Smooth iced (with flower)

Smooth iced (with character)

Embossed vintage domed 

Cupcake wraps 







£0.50 each



Cupcakes Tower

Cake Pops

(min 12)



48 with top cutting cake

60 with top cutting cake

72 with top cutting cake 

84 with top cutting cake

96 with top cutting cake










Simple cake pop with sprinkles

Cake pop with detailed decoration

Character pops                                                                                                   




from £3.50



Decorated sugar paste cookies

(All cookies come in a cellophane

bag tied with a satin ribbon.

Name tags also available on request).


from £3.00



Mini Cakes


Individual mini cakes

30 mini cakes with top tier 

46 mini cakes with top tier

63 mini cakes with top tier

82 mini cakes with top tier

from £8.00

from £280.00

from £390.00

from £510.00

from £640.00




01449 258627 or 07816263102

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